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A stage by stage route around the Val d'Aran

Itinerary Camin Reiau

What is Camin Reiau?

The itinerary runs along different paths that bring together the 33 villages of the Val d’Aran, covering 150 km in total and 12,000 m elevation gain (6,000 m positive gain).

In this suggested itinerary the journey has been divided into 10 stages of about 15 km each, but the number of stages to do each time can be adapted to the travellers request’s; this way, the route could be completed in one go (one stage after the other in the same period of time) or stages can be completed throughout the year.

Who is it for?

The route is thought for travellers who, apart from wishing to do some exercise, would also like to become immersed in the history, the traditions, the food, and the culture while hiking the paths that used to connect the various villages of the valley of this small country with its own language named the Val d’Aran: the historic the Camin Reiau (literally the ‘royal road’ -which later became the ‘main road’­-, the internal road for communication in the Val d’Aran).

The Camin Reiau itinerary is available all through all the seasons of the year, on your own, or with friends or family.

Stage 9 Camin Reiau: Bausen
Stage 9 Camin Reiau: Bausen

Would you like a local guide to walk with you through Val d'Aran?

One of the different possibilities of the Camin Reiau is a journey in time, getting to know the Val d'Aran of old, walking all over ancient roads as you follow the itinerary. Along our walk you will be filled with questions, your curiosity will overflow trying to find reasons for many little details that at first sight seemed to be not very important but ... they surely have an explanation!