Discover the Camin Reiau with a guide

Come and walk it!!

One of the different possibilities of the Camin Reiau is a journey in time, getting to know the Val d'Aran of old, walking all over ancient roads as you follow the itinerary. Along our walk you will be filled with questions, your curiosity will overflow trying to find reasons for many little details that at first sight seemed to be not very important but ... they surely have an explanation!!

The upper stones in the old walls that separate the road and a farm, why are they placed vertically? ... And those cross-shaped leaves that we find on all the doors in Bausen, what do they mean? ... And the stones, so finely carved with human figures, that we find in some churches, what do they represent? Ah! And that spectacular spruce planted in the square of Les, what does it symbolize? ... Why do the old houses with their whitewashed walls resemble so little the new buildings? ... And why are there so many niches on walls or pillars with images in the towns and on the roads, and most of the time with the image of San Antonio? ...

There are so many questions coming to our mind along the way… so, there is a way we won’t miss a thing: walking the Camin Reiau itinerary with a guide.

Guides will help us to live and feel the journey more intensely, to interpret the many very important details that are an essential part of the route, to learn in depth about the culture, the flora, the fauna, as well as to discover the ancestral traditions that still remain, its people’s life experiences which have changed so much in the last decades, so different from the present-day life...

Ricard Novell Agramunt

Ricard Novell Agramunt

Cultural and half-mountain guide

Ricard Novell Agramunt

The Camin Reiau with a guide

Live it and feel it more intensely